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Darren May 31, 2012 at 11:50 am Reply
Alex is 100%right look I'm not a bible thumper ether I've been with 9 6 serious relationships and three flings when I was 15 .im 30years old I'm very very handsome have a big penis and am a wild fun lover !!BUT ..."!!! Yes it's gross to know a women would just meet a man a have a drink and pul her panties down and allow a complete stranger fu++ her? It's not about if a girls loves sex or is a good lover lol theres women that have been with two that were in long term relationships that are amazing in bed really we all have the same parts and for a women just be comfortable with yourself and your a good lover...I'm sorry but it's actually very sad that women view sex as nothing and men !!i was a professional model and I could have slept with TONS ...but that's just not me? See its not a double standard guys are nasty pigs that do this and will end up being dick as husbands and women should not do it ether for many many reasons ......,stds , pregnancy ,yes it still happens with birth control ,and getting lose YES ladies there's a difference in sleeping with one man 1000 times thn sleeping with 1000 once because as u know there's many different sizes shapes and your one vagina will get effected !! If two fingers is not tight lol well sorry and then we get into the women talking about dick size and All the you better be big ,lol well truly it's more about vagina size and shape ! I'm honest and open im7, by 6 inch around and if that's not filling the void than You have the issue lol and stop saying men are insucure to make yourself feel better you sound like those drug addicts who swear its there life and who are they affecting?how about yourself ,deep inide why don't you try to find love and not the biggest best thing to blow your socks off for the night"??i think men and women that live this way have major issues not us there calling insucure

Nicki September 13, 2011 at 8:07 pm Reply
Alex, you sound like a really nice guy. Where are you located?
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Isaac Laquedam November 5, 2011 at 9:09 am Reply
I do believe the double-standard is decaying with global interdependence. Bigotry is checked by the mass of netizens and collective human knowledge that permeates it. I believe the biggest issues stem from expectation of partners and most often a failure to understand and communicate to the self, much less future partners, what someone really "needs" in a relationship, why they "need" it, and what is the most reasonable and equal way to achieve this.