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terre says:
December 16, 2010 at 1:34 pm
“Just because a man has an ego doesnt mean he can not think logically.
I try to never let emotion get in the way of logic, and that is exactly what most men do when they fear and dismiss an experienced woman.”
People don’t ‘love’ logically. The experience is entirely an emotive process, based on trust, intuition, shared experiences and mutual values. One cannot force someone to love by demonstrating that their distaste is “illogical”.
“What most men fail to understand, most hookups, especially for the woman are not always a great experience sexually.”
Oh is that so? So why do girls have hookups at all?
“Most men, during a hookup, are only really concerned with themselves and getting off. Wham bam thank you mam is pretty common. A good lover knows there is more to it than that. Foreplay and lots of it. Stroking, carassing, oral, getting her off first, then getting ours, is what most women see as a great lover.”
You seem to have misunderstood me. I used “lover” as a polite euphemism for “man she’s had sex with”. His actual ‘performance’ means nearly nothing in the grand scheme of who she’d rank the highest. The ranking comes from elements both present in the seduction and in his person (i.e. dominance).

Abbot says:
December 16, 2010 at 1:42 pm
“In any case, why wouldn’t that be sufficient grounds to avoid ‘experienced’ women? ”
Well I suppose any grounds are sufficient if that is the way you feel. You are making a life changing decision so all should be on the table, yes? It is not so much judgement of a woman but accepting this person as your one and only. or rejecting if that is the outcome. I see this as not the problem. The problem is the harsh critical feedback from women or women’s groups that men are being assholes or some such comments for their personal selection criteria rather than consider that their own behavior is causing men to be on guard. That feedback just causes men to be on guard even more. Read Jaclyn Friedman and the guard will go way up, I mean what did you expect? Women avoid certain men for a whole host of reasons including being compared to other women. I went on a date with a woman who is 35 and she found out I dated a woman 2 yrs ago who was 24 and that alone caused her a lot of uneasy and I could tell why there was not a date number 2. She did not want to be compared to a younger woman and I dont blame her. Women should also not blame men when being rejected for similar manner of thinking. Fair is fair, no?