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Mr Tay Says:
September 22nd, 2009 at 2:09 pm
My scenarios a unique one indeed and lets give you a run for your money doc

the start of this year i became Bestfriends with a girl, we got extreamly close and such and i finally racked up the nerve to ask her out (around march)
she said no and that she cudnt think of me like that
i accepted it and we continued to be friends

I then asked again a few months later with the same answer.. Dam… but we stayed friends

Now it gets a little differant. we stayed CLOSEST friends for around 4-5 months and we were getting on like ANYTHING, she told me she missed me when we hadnt spoke. we cud constaly cuddle and tell each other how much we loved each other
we were finally togeather but we didnt say anything even though we both knew (i know this for a fact)

Then her freind got back from holiday and she was about to go on holiday with her.. it suddenly became allll about her. which i was fine with im not the clingy kind to be honest
but then she started to become very straight with me E.G not showing the same interest not laughing at me jokes not giving me a smile or cuddle anymore.

we had a BIG chat one night and she said that she dosnt seem to miss comming out with me anymore and dosnt look foward to it like she used to
and that she dosnt feel were best friends anymore and she needs to become friends again before we go back onto what we were….

this was all outa the blue and ive been following ure guide but its very difficult at time.
ive pulled the thorn out my side and im happy again but when i go and speak to her, shes very blunt and not caring if u will… so i usually just go and talk to come one else

i always get a text later though saying ‘werd you go’ or ‘how are you, you just got up and left earlier’ so she does notice….

im not really looking for an answer just more of a verdict you know.
shes my first love and is special to me
ive promised ill ALWAYS look after to her and ive never broken it because of her past hasnt been to great.