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I know where you are going with the question about the numbers of attractive women…I think that there are fewer people attractive people today of both sexes, and by the look of it, they’re still marrying.

107Susan Walsh November 9, 2012 at 9:02 am
Albert all grown up:


108Laney November 9, 2012 at 9:04 am

Read the blogs of students at different colleges. The experience is very different at different schools.

Let me give you an example. All of us here at HUS I am sure agree that it is a bad idea for our daughters to experiment with Heroin while in college. Well there are certain colleges in the USA where you are considered a hopeless square if you don’t experiment with Heroin. I don’t want to make the parents who sent their kids to those schools feel bad, but let it be said that there is a toxic mix of peer pressure that results in daughters that really are not excited about Heroin trying Heroin at these schools.

Second, google the blogs of any parents whose daughters are at Smith. Smith is a wonderful place for young women who really want the Lesbian lifestyle. Such women can thrive at Smith and not feel the stigma they might feel elsewhere. But for young women that really just want close friends of the same sex, a young woman that wants to form platonic friendships with other young women, Smith is a disaster. because the expectation at Smith is that young women are not friends, they are friends with benefits to other young women. In fact the same sex hook up culture and friends with benefit culture is much stronger at Smith than the opposite sex hook up culture is at some other schools. Think about it – at smith the administration and the faculty actively encourage same sex hook ups.

Susan, say what you will about the hook up scene at most colleges, the truth is that that admin and professors really don’t care what heterosexual students do sexually. They tend to leave the students alone.

Now Susan, I would further say that the vast majority of affluent young white women ( not that no others count, but affluent young white women are the main audience we are speaking of here) do watch Sex and the City while in High School. They do find themselves fascinated by hook up culture WHILE THEY ARE SENIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL they do look forward to partaking in hook up culture when they arrive at most colleges as freshmen. But that is really not relevant because studies show that they discover they really don’t like hook up culture and want to return to a more traditional dating culture such as what you described where 6s get in to ltrs with 6s.