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“tom” keeps bringing up this single woman who was promiscuous, and is now the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think “tom” is in fact this woman, and arguing her case. I could be wrong, but my radar is going off. “tom” just seems way too vested in converting and/or focusing on these “shameful/insecure” men who simply might not prefer highly promiscuous women.

tom says:
December 22, 2010 at 5:28 pm
You see Mike, the judgemental, insecure men are NOT in the minority. They are definately in the majority.
That doesnt make them bad guys. Many people react certain ways without really knowing why.
Some women lie BECAUSE most guys are going to judge them on their past. MANY of these same guys who will judge a woman on her past, alone, are guilty of the same promiscuous behavior. That my friend IS hypocricy.

I`m not here to say men do not have the right to judge a woman because of her past, I am only pointing out that the judgement itself is tainted, in many cases, if the men are evaluating a persons total worth based on their sexual past.
If a woman is, by all standards a really good person (save their sexual past) is not that person worthy of further evaluation? Many logical thinking men will say, “yes she is” A man afraid of her past, or distainful of her past will say, “no she isnt”
So My question is, How is this otherwise really good person, who might have all kinds of “value” to offer a man NOT worthy of further evaluation? If she is a quality person, how has her past sexual escapades made her damaged goods? What if her promiscuous past was seveal years ago and has not led that life style since?
To dismiss this type of woman HAS to be based on insecurity, ignorance, or immaturity.
A quality person is a quality person, reguardless of what they did in their past sex life. Obviously it didnt harm them because they ARE a quality person NOW.
By locker room mentality , this is what I mean. These immature guys get a vision of her having sex with many guys. Their response is something like EWWW. My contention is, if it is EWWW 30 times, it is also EWWW once, in the mind of a person who still sees sex as a dirty thing to do, as many young teens do.
I see sex, whether it be in a casual setting or a relationship setting. a beautiful thing.
Some will say, but sex is suppose to MEAN something…. Oh Really, who says so? Certainly not the men who have been having casual sex for eons.

tom says:
December 22, 2010 at 5:34 pm
Mike get off the ,”you think I am a woman BS”

Maybe YOU are exactly the immature, insecure locker room moron I have referred to.
How does that feel, boy?
I am an ex college football player, one who played in the Big Ten, probably long before you were born.
I have empathy fo women because I raised a great daughter who also was a Big Ten athlete. I have seen the injustices and, yes the hypocricy my own daughter had to put up with in sports and life also.
You are wrong about me being a woman, and you are wrong about judgeing a woman based solely in her sexual past.