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This is one of the most important skills of TDD. Like I said, once you get these 2 things down, you are in for A Life To Love. When it comes to the skill of leading, TDD uses the art of “Foreshadowing” to lead a woman from the meet all the way up to the bedroom.

The Key to Effective Escalation is PROGRESSION. Foreshadowing sets precedence and allows for steady progression, thus eliminating resistance. In fact, as any of our alumni will tell you, it builds anticipation within a woman, which has been the reason why a lot of men who pass through our doors usually report about getting somewhat “raped” by women.

Dominant Proximity Lead on The Dance-Floor

But perhaps one of the most important parts of leading is attaining the confidence to CLOSE, or pull the trigger (going for the hand, kiss, sex). Relying on a “routine” or technique is more of a crutch than anything. Fact: Interactions are dynamic, no two situations are the same. Anything can happen. Instead of helplessly hoping for a moment to unfold in a certain magical way, it is infinitely better to UNDERSTAND how to create a high-point for yourself and gain REAL confidence to pull the trigger when the time is right. I adopt a certain mindset which pretty much guarantees that I pull the trigger without hesitation. This is the mindset of Keeping Things Simple.

A lot of times, we get nervous, anxious, excited when it comes to pulling the trigger. We worry about what happened in the past, what might happen in the future… we might even worry about some really ridiculous and irrelevant things! This is all just mental noise that distracts you from your goal. It is your ego speaking to you. The most important question is : What Do YOU want?