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When you say:

Do not tell me it is "insane" to suppose they are doing this without consent. Read what they say. I have no reading comprehension problem and I understand them just fine. They think it is their God or Nature-given right to impose their will, and not to have to negotiate or respect limits.

have you actually considered that this may well be how their wives are happy for them to behave? How they want their husbands to be? They may well have "negotiated" limits at some point - be it a formal discussion or just through living together. (My husband knows not to touch my feet unless he absolutely has to, for example. It was nothing we ever discussed, but he saw my reaction to it, and stopped. And he's the head of the household so could, in theory, tell me to put up with it. However, he cares for me and loves me, and so would never do anything that would cause me real distress. It's a silly example I know, but it perfectly illustrates what I'm trying to say.)

As has been said before, this site is about consensual relationships. You shouldn't assume that consent has not been given just because it's not mentioned in each and every post or comment. If you're going to assume anything, assume the opposite ” that unless otherwise mentioned, consent has been given.

You seem to have a real issue with how most of the people posting here have chosen to conduct their relationships. You've posted elsewhere that your (mostly) submissive husband was a victim of abuse, and I wonder if that's flavoured your outlook? A lot of women (myself included) here would not want the male in the relationship kneeling at their feet, but I suspect none of them are going to try to convince you to stop living like that (I'm not - if it works for you and your husband, great). Please - stop trying to convince us we're wrong. We've chosen (or want) to live in a relationship where the man is in charge. It's our choice, freely made. It's not for everyone, same as your lifestyle isn't. Please respect the fact we've made these choices, and stop acting as if you think the women here are largely a bunch of abused women in denial about the fact.

Yes, abuse goes on. It goes on in all aspects of life, in all flavours of relationship, in many different forms. None of us, I think, deny that.


"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" Hamlet, somewhere.

by ConfusedOfHomeCounties on 2004 Dec 21 - 12:51 | reply to this comment
Consent or not?