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I'll confess that I'm a big fan of wearing old T-shirts to bed; I wouldn't mind wearing something more feminine if it was made out of soft cotton flannel, but I hate trying to get to sleep in nylon or other synthetic fabrics with scratchy lace. I'm sure that's an area where some compromise would be easy to reach if we just talked about it. But if I woke up to find that one of my favorite old T-shirts had been destroyed with a pair of scissors, then I'd be looking for a little scissor retribution of my own. (Snip, snip...)

As for the man showering me with compliments as to my beauty and sexiness and desirability, and trying to get other people to agree with him...? Er, no thanks. I'm not really into trying to be sexy, or dress sexy, or wanting lots of men would look at me with lust. I really just need one man to look at me that way; and I'd rather that he desire me for my mind and my soul and my personality and my submissive feminine nature - not just for my body. Besides, I've always thought that men made much better sex objects than women. (And if you look at animals in nature, it's always the males who are the pretty ones with the brightly colored tail feathers, strutting their stuff for hordes of admiring females.)

As for him giving me foot massages - NO thanks, never, not in any circumstances at all, thankyouverymuch. If my man ever even offered to give me a foot massage, that would give me serious doubts about whether or not he's truly a dominant man. On the other hand, I would just love to give him a foot massage, every single night if he didn't mind. I've always had a strong attraction to every aspect of the masculine body, including men's feet. (Provided they're attractive and not gnarly.) Few things could push me into submissive feminine bliss more than kneeling at a man's feet and giving him a foot massage; especially after he has forced me to kneel.