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Andrew Wang (Allurre)

What up guys,

If you ever want to give your date or girlfriend romantic occasion to forever remember, my only advice is: Keep it real creative and personal.

That’s where the real value and sentiments lie.

I’ve got 3 great romantic ideas for the takings to leave your date or woman completely floored. These are breathtaking ways that will not break your bank either.

Idea #1: The Artificial and Digital Flower.

I know, I know. Giving out flowers is clichéd and overdone. Well, don’t just scrap this idea entirely yet, as you you can still win her heart by cranking up the creativity levels. Instead of giving her the usual bouquet of real roses, plant an artificial one amongst them and attach a note saying “As long as the last rose remains, you are the most beautiful women on the planet.”

Another great alternative is to open up your paintbrush folder and design flowers.

The more elementary looking, the better. You want it to be real personal. No need to let your inner perfectionist leak onto the page.

Under the flower, label it “One of a kind” flower. From me to you.”

Idea #2: The Mirror.

Go shopping for a small mirror, one that she can place on her make up drawer. When you give her the mirror, attach a slip saying “Look in this mirror and you’ll see the most beautiful woman in the world”.

Idea #3: Treasure Hunting.:

Don’t lie, we all love treasure hunting. Setup a treasure hunt for her at her place; however do it discreetly. While you’re over at her place, surreptitiously plant clues everywhere around the house.