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Susan Walsh says:
August 12, 2010 at 4:39 pm

You know I dislike it when you use quotes as “evidence”, particularly from blog entries that don’t even include citations to the studies they quote as backup to their assertions.

Huh? Are you talking about quotes from Buss’ Evolution of Desire? I cited that in the post. His bibliography is chock full of sources. Or are you talking about places where I said “research shows…”? In those cases, the link to the source is in red type. I don’t believe there are any “quotes” here that are unsubstantiated. If so, I would be happy to provide the source.

Susan Walsh says:
August 12, 2010 at 4:45 pm

[The feminists] seem to be saying “Ignore how you feel” or “you’re not feeling the right way about this” – not a very girl-positive or sex-positive position.

I agree. Jaclyn Friedman did feel badly – in fact, she described feeling physically ill after her encounter. Instead of sitting with that admittedly bad feeling, she sought a way to soothe herself as fast as possible, without any introspection. Her goal is to make the bad feeling go away, rather than investigate what choices might result in good feelings. This is bad enough when doing it to oneself, but I believe that many women emply the “misery loves company” strategy. If they can all be in it together, no one needs to acknowledge what a disaster it all is. They can just keep saying “We’re awesome!” to one another in a big circle.

Susan Walsh says:
August 12, 2010 at 5:27 pm

Can you explain all what has gone on to Granny/Uncle/Momma at the family picnic? (Not that anyone actually asks anymore in most families!) Can you rationalize it to yourself w/o using silly excuses?

This is actually an excellent approach, in my view. Are the people who love you most going to be on board with your choices? The feminists like to say that “oldies” like myself just don’t have a clue about sex and relationships. They also are convinced that there’s a conspiracy among us to ruin the fun for women still fertile and beautiful. I was accused of jealousy by quite a few commenters over at Pandagon.