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Your best bet is to find campus organizations that do not tend to attract the wild crowds (campus volunteer organizations or other org’s that have a real social consciousness are good ones). For those of even a moderately religious inclination, that’s another obvious one. Academic clubs – hit or miss, but probably somewhat better than the student body average. Even better, go out into the community and try special interest organizations (astronomy club, book club, other clubs with a high “geek” factor) or volunteer organizations (food banks, habitat, etc.), However, that option is not well-represented in smaller cities, let alone small towns. In that case, the best I can tell you is to look at the biggest city within a 2 hr drive of you, then find such organizations as I described. Then drive there once every other weekend.

Ryan says:
October 21, 2010 at 4:07 am
SayWhaat :

while I am still in school trying to maintain my GPA and apply to grad school/law school/companies to jumpstart my career, marriage and making babies is not exactly at the top of my mind.
And if you wait until retirement, you won’t even have to waste precious dollars on daycare expenses.

Kurt says:
October 21, 2010 at 5:08 am
@Susan, does Tucker Max really claim to be a millionaire? I’m sure that is another of his many lies. I read somewhere that he currently lives in a studio or one-bedroom apartment somewhere in Texas – that is not how I would expect a millionaire to live.

Susan Walsh says:
October 21, 2010 at 8:20 am
I think that attitude is common in college these days, have fun while young and in school (I guess you can’t have fun afterwards), and worry about commitment later.

The culture perpetrates the idea that the four years of college should be the best of your life. I hear this from students – they’re not having enough fun, and they feel that they’re missing out on the “college experience.” Truly, education seems to be a secondary objective. Unfortunately, having fun has come to mean having an Animal House experience. Kids perceive that afterwards, they’ll have to get up early, work hard, pay bills, etc., so they might as well blow off steam now. By the way, there’s been a real shift in the timing of college classes. Many schools schedule the bulk of classes for 10:30 or later, and it’s common for kids to have class in the 5 -7 p.m. time slot. Colleges did this because so many kids skipped class in the morning. This way they can go out and drink even on a school night, sleep in till at least 10, and it’s all good. Of course, something’s gotta give, and it’s studying.