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Before we invaded Iraq, these people had a violent but functional ecosystem, which was largely maintained by Saddam and his ilks. Due to the actions of our then bumbling president, GW, the restraining influence of Saddam was removed, and everything has gone out of hand since then. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and the s* has hit the fan.
Welcome to the world’s new nightmare.

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Eric September 7, 2014 at 09:01

Blaming President Bush for current events in Iraq relies on attenuated causation. The proximate causes of the crisis in Iraq are, one, the construction of ISIS in Syria that combined with, two, the U.S.-abandoned vulnerability of Iraq. Both conditions arose from post-Bush events, such as the degeneration of the Arab Spring, that are related to policy course changes made by President Obama that fundamentally deviated from Bush’s foreign policy.

Always remember that due to the success of the Counterinsurgency “Surge”, Obama inherited Iraq from Bush as a strategic victory and keystone strategic partner growing at peace. But we left Iraq much too early to secure, let alone build on, our hard-earned gains in Iraq. Imagine if Eisenhower had abandoned Europe and/or Asia in the early 1950s.

Then Obama’s feckless ‘lead from behind’ approach to the Arab Spring pushed the situation past the breaking point.

Regime change in Iraq was the coda of a decade-plus international enforcement in final response to Saddam’s ongoing breach of the Gulf War ceasefire. If Saddam had simply complied with the UNSC resolutions he agreed to in 1991, he would have prevented the regime change. In contrast, Obama supported regime change on the fly based on far flimsier grounds, yet tried to take a different course than Bush’s peace-building policy. That error caused Obama to boost anti-autocratic, non-liberal – ie, Islamist – forces as mujahideen-type proxies.

What’s happening now is happening because Obama deviated course from Bush. To “end the war”, Obama instead sacrificed the peace. If Obama had stayed the course from Bush, we would have continued to build the peace with Iraq begun in earnest by the Counterinsurgency “Surge”.

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