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Be certain that next years forthcoming movie about her ‘Gertrude, Queen of the Desert’ with Nicole Kidman in the title role will present her as both sexually desirable, physically stronger and more capable than any man.

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Brian September 6, 2014 at 10:56
“I don’t suppose that leaving them the fuck alone is an option? Perhaps, you know, not bombing them? For a change? They are, you know, literally on the other side of the fricking world. Arguably, you simply have no business there. You talk about these guys wanting to kill people who disagree with them, but last I checked, ISIS wasn’t raining bombs on Poughkeepsie because the American president was ‘troublesome’.”

-Paul Murray

I generally agree that the U.S. shouldn’t be policing the world and intervening wherever and however it pleases. But it’s more complicated with foreign enemies who don’t want to live and let live, but strive to vanquish whoever they perceive their enemies are. As I mentioned in previous post, I don’t think IS is worth deploying assets against just yet. But at what point do you preempt a confirmed enemy?

You say that IS hasn’t attacked American soil yet, but I’m not sure I understand you here. Are you saying you want to wait until they do before you’d decide to oppose them? Currently, IS does seem more of a regional threat in Iraq than an international one, but they could gather momentum and grow stronger. They’re hellbent on creating a caliphate and their full allegiance is to Allah.

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continent September 6, 2014 at 12:27
When i didn’t understand what ISIL (Levant meant ) I loooked up on the Internet and it encompasses a region in the Middle East.
Similarly, the Baath Party was used without explanation. Dictionary:

“Ba’ath party definition of Ba’ath party in the Free Online …’ath+partyBa’ath party (bä`äth), Arab political party, in Syria and in Iraq. Its main ideological objectives are secularism, socialism, and pan-Arab unionism.”