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I’m not at all surprised your husband who you described as very good looking when you first met and “alpha” fell for you and proposed. I’m nothing to write home about in the looks department and have gotten 5 marriage proposals from sincere, handsome, exotic, foreign men. You say your French husband is more romantic and charming than typical American men and my experience in globe-trotting bears witness that most foreign men are more romantic and charming than American men and I advise all women who are not finding luck in love State Side to get a passport ASAP.

I agree with “the Manosphere” on that ^ point, but reverse cowgirl ;)

So your husband was really good looking when you met him but now he’s showing signs of aging?

A few things might have me worried though. This for instance…

“When he met me, he was mad at himself for falling for me.”


“he’s let me know that I’m so clearly deficient in so many objective, market value ways.”

- Well, I hope he still isn’t letting you know this after he married you.


“I know he likes me partly because I can pull my own weight financially.”

- I might worry about him expecting you to pull his weight too.

“He’s been to the sex tourist meccas, like Thailand and Morocco,”

- I knew about Thailand but had no idea that Morocco was a “sex tourist mecca”. I’ve been there a few times and don’t recall seeing anything that looked like sex tourism, although for women it certainly is “romance tourism” because of all the handsome, romantic and charming Moroccan hotties. In fact, 1 of my 5 proposals was from there. Sweetest young man you could ever imagine, with a full head of that luscious curly black argan oiled hair and eyes like the Dark Nile Lotus. Alas! It was not meant to be.