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Why indeed? Consider a brief evolutionary apologia for President Clinton’s adulteries written by Steven Pinker, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ”Most human drives have ancient Darwinian rationales,” he wrote. ”A prehistoric man who slept with 50 women could have sired 50 children, and would have been more likely to have descendants who inherited his tastes. A woman who slept with fifty men would have no more descendants than a woman who slept with one. Thus, men should seek quantity in sexual partners; women, quality.” And isn’t it so, he says, everywhere and always so? ”In our society,” he continues, ”most young men tell researchers that they would like eight sexual partners in the next two years; most women say that they would like one.” Yet would a man find the prospect of a string of partners so appealing if the following rules were applied: that no matter how much he may like a particular woman and be pleased by her performance and want to sleep with her again, he will have no say in the matter and will be dependent on her mood and good graces for all future contact; that each act of casual sex will cheapen his status and make him increasingly less attractive to other women; and that society will not wink at his randiness but rather sneer at him and think him pathetic, sullied, smaller than life? Until men are subjected to the same severe standards and threat of censure as women are, and until they are given the lower hand in a so-called casual encounter from the start, it is hard to insist with such self-satisfaction that, hey, it’s natural, men like a lot of sex with a lot of people and women don’t.

Wild Cougar says:
April 25, 2011 at 2:49 pm
“You are correct….. Many men do not want a woman who is more experienced than they are. Call it their preference, or call it insecurity, it is just a fact. Men will make excuses for their “preference.” It becomes hypocrritical when the woman is good enough to have sex with on a casual basis, but would NEVER qualify for a LTR. It boarders on treating another human being like a piece of meat and not the person they really are. Most men are unaware why they have their preference, or if they know, they will not admit it. Just the thought of a woman they really care for being with other men before them bugs the hell out of them. We all know the real reason for that”

Precisely. This is why I am selective about my sex partners and potential long term relationships. A man who can see one woman as a piece of meat and then looks at another woman as a human being (or possibly a fresher piece of meat) is not suitable for either sex or marriage. Especially if he is willing to participate in something he considers dirty or demeaning.

@Abbot. My choices were never that limited to begin with and they are even less so now. In the United States. I’ve found men willing to be in relationship before and I am certain I will again. If I wanted to get married again, I doubt I would have too much trouble. What unrest are you talking about?

Mike C says:
April 25, 2011 at 1:57 pm
I think you guys should ask people who are active in the hook up culture because the number of men who judge that way is going down. It may be to the point of becoming a minority soon.