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Nicki September 13, 2011 at 8:07 pm Reply
Alex, you sound like a really nice guy. Where are you located?
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Isaac Laquedam November 5, 2011 at 9:09 am Reply
I do believe the double-standard is decaying with global interdependence. Bigotry is checked by the mass of netizens and collective human knowledge that permeates it. I believe the biggest issues stem from expectation of partners and most often a failure to understand and communicate to the self, much less future partners, what someone really "needs" in a relationship, why they "need" it, and what is the most reasonable and equal way to achieve this. Why do certain men want women who have had sex with few men but feel they can sleep with as many women as they want without judgment while other men do not make those kinds of rules...I think William Blake jested best "To generalize is to be an idiot" and to say that every woman who has physically entertained intimacy with 5 or more men is less valuable is like saying that ignorance is more valuable then knowledge, which is strange to me, but I meet individuals every day that would rather follow fearful, isolating tradition rather than rethink why they believe what they do and how, if at all, it is serving them. Attraction is a tricky thing and I think you're right about this coming down in many ways to insecurity, many men are attracted to the idea of being the "best she's ever had" which as a woman's exposure and experiences become more expansive, becomes a more daunting mission, one that many men feel insulted to have to compete with, even though many of them believe they deserve complete sexual satisfaction. This seems just selfish to me personally, I want to offer my partner the enjoyment of my experience and delight in her own knowledge, like great scientists meeting in enthusiasm in a field that both knows and enjoys comfortably without hang-ups to discover and merge and create more beautiful intimate truths from meeting. In the same way, if a woman has read 5 or less books, I am less attracted being that the conversation potential(or intimate potential with respect to sexual partners), among other things, is inherently more limited and lacking perspective. In this way, among others, I appreciate your perspective in this article and hope to employ a better set of societal judo to more swiftly and decisively quell the irrational sentiment of ignorance as purity as virtue that makes men self-righteous enough to judge a woman for not meeting that subhuman standard. We're not ideas or characters in a Disney film and cannot be held to such standards lest be only personally disappointed, we're all just people learning to live and love in the best ways we know how.