Is chastity overrated?
What dominant dating means to me
Trust is what makes my relationship so special
What women need to know about men
Don't wait too long to tell her
My Damaged Heart
Can physical chastisement cure bad habits?
PUT women in their place
Trials and errors – appeasement for anger
And Adam knew his wife

by otter on 2004 Dec 17 - 15:31 | reply to this comment
Cars and Chryslers
Hello Sarah
if you compare BDSM with Taken in Hand you compare Cars with Chryslers.
BDSM include many things which often has nothing to do with each other. I think you can say very few things in general.
They are more popular because they are more. And they exist very much longer.
But as you say, Taken In Hand casually violates just about every taboo. Did you expect only friendly comments?
Because there are so much people with BDSM interests out there it is unavoidable that there much people with limited minds come to this site.
But I sincerly hope that you can stand the heat.

by horstbogner on 2004 Dec 17 - 16:10 | reply to this comment
The Thread Is About The Popularity of BDSM
The original topic of this thread was POPULARITY of BDSM. Thus, it was the POPULARITY of BDSM to which my post was addressed.

by Noone on 2004 Dec 17 - 17:34 | reply to this comment
Changing behaviour
Do you really find that being spanked changes your behaviour? it doesn't change mine at all. I try to obey my husband because I want to, no amount of spanking could change my behaviour if I didn't. Spanking makes me better-tempered, and more amenable to being obedient, but it doesn't actually change anything; fear of punishment does not work for me as a way of modifying behaviour. I believe that only your own will can change your behaviour.