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  • “Please remember that dirty thoughts belong to dirty minds.”

Whoa. Who isn’t creeped out by a childhood crotch shot? My head wasn’t filled with dirty thoughts, but alarm at the violation of childhood innocence. Is Ms. Fuller suggesting that this video is controversial because it makes people want to masturbate?

She downplays the sexiness of the choreography by comparing these girls to Miley Cyrus, who at 17 is “well aware of her sexuality.” Well, that’s an understatement.

“ALL 17 year-olds are horny and either hooking up or debating hooking up with the boyfriends in their lives.”

The capitalization is all hers. She has three daughters, ages 4, 8 and 14, which is unfortunate, but that doesn’t explain where she gets her statistics for this claim.

“And for all of you who don’t have 7 year-old daughters — it’s not at all odd for them to wear skimpy outfits at dance recitals. Happens all the time.”

Ah, now we reach the crux of the matter. I suspect Ms. Fuller is guilty of pimping out her own daughters for publicity. Heck, maybe her kid is even in this video. She’s the first mother I’ve come across who buys into the “everyone else does it” argument, much less trots it out herself.

“No one would say boo if skimpy 7 year-olds were dancing badly to Single Ladies in skimpy outfits.”

Fuller’s head still firmly planted in the sand.

“Listen, if we were in a different culture, somewhere else on the globe, the dance moves these 7 year-olds were making wouldn’t be considered suggestive at all. They’d be “normal” dance moves.”

First of all, why should this transcend cultural differences? I don’t know what culture she is referring to -- perhaps countries where children work as sex slaves? Please, please save me from moral relativism!

“So please, take your minds out of the gutter and leave these little girls, who are terrific dancers, ALONE.”

I agree, leave the little girls alone, but not with Humbert Humbert. Go after the parents, the dance teacher, and the hosts of the World of Dance Competition. Vilify them to raise awareness that young girls have been sexually compromised by the adults charged with their well-being and safety.