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Passer_By says:
June 8, 2012 at 6:30 pm
Obsidian – never saw it. Either way, whether or not the scene in Crash is similar has no bearing on whether the problem with Dogsquat’s gal was general bitchiness toward others or a propensity to play “let’s you and him fight.” My point is that, unless Sassy has a constant urge to play “let’s you and him fight”, analogizing her to DS’s ex lacks validity, whether or not you think she’s a bitch.

Passer_By says:
June 8, 2012 at 6:45 pm
Obsidian – just saw your very long comment above about the differing reasons for black men dating “out” as opposed to black women.

Fine – I’ll rephrase my statement. You aren’t obsessed with the concept of black women swirling per se, you’re obsessed with what you perceive to be their insulting reasons for doing so, and somewhat obsessed with painting all “swirling” black women with a broad brush that likens them to the women you describe above. You also point out to the “black men ain’t sh!t” crowd that, if black men suck, it’s because black women incentivize to be as they are (a point with which I agree). I still maintain that this is an irrational obsession. By analogy, if a group of white women started a movement to date asian men because they are more goal oriented and disciplined, yada yada, I wouldn’t really be bothered by it because (i) it might incentivize white men (to a very limited degree) to be more goal oriented, studious and disciplined and (ii) more imporantly, I would know that for every one of these white women I could go out and date 5 asian women (if I were single). You’re in a similar favorable numbers situation, so your fixation on it is odd.

But, you must also be willing to realize that those black women who do value intelligence in a mate will have very slim pickens among black men when the rest of the black women have set up a set of incentives to discourage black men from developing their intellect (and, to make matters worse, many of those black men who are intelligent and successful have a propensity to go after white women).

In any event, since none of the black women here have said “black men suck and ain’t sh!t”, your persistence in debating them (and subtly demeaning them) on this belies your stated concern.