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Does Attachment mean the death of Attraction? No, but that is not a “given.” I will be married to wifey 18 years in May; been together for 21. We have had our ups and downs, but our marriage is stronger than ever today. As a couple, you have to work at it. If you stay on the topic about trading committment for sex and the car example, than the car will provide ongoing excitement and fun as long as it has been well cared over time.

Wifey and I both keep ourselves in shape and work at making sure we are attractive to each other. It is sometimes subtle and other times explicit. The result is that while I may look at newer models, my curent one still looks great for its age and delivers as much excitement and joy as it did when I first slipped into it (No pun intended…well,maybe.)

Now, she may also look around at newer drivers and ponder if they are more exciting to handle her handling and power. However, I work on her engine parts, nourish her needs, keep her temperature cool, warm and hot and invest into making the drive fun; newer ones seem to offer less in value. After 21 years, she still tells me that I know how to, um, slip into the driver’s seat, push all of her buttons in the right way, get her engines roaring and open her up for an exciting drive.

I really like this. :D

29Tilikum February 15, 2013 at 2:19 pm
Ask most men in 2013, and the chief worry about marriage and commitment (and what makes 95% of women un-marriagable) will be as follows:

Today’s girl (and no, I didn’t say women on purpose) feels justified and entitled to 100% of a mans efforts (financial, emotional, physical) and has little incentive to reciprocate. In fact, reciprocation to a mans emotional needs, what he really needs, is frowned upon and shamed by their peers (read: other women)

The net effect is a reversion to the mean, as the beta male is eradicated by genetic selection (read: can’t mate because he is restricted by women) and alpha progeny become the next generation.

Ah, 1944, Christmas Island redux as the great Beta DieOff . Ain’t that a bitch.

30blogRot February 15, 2013 at 2:46 pm
long time lurker; first time commenter. 9 years married, turning 40. Not full Red Pill and have purchased Athol Kay’s MMSL (but not read it).

>What does a successful, happy marriage look like?
I would answer just like if someone asked me if I was a good father: I don’t know or frankly care if I’m a “good father” or in a “successful, happy marriage” or care if anyone thinks I am or not – I’m doing what I know and feels is correct, my kids are well adjusted, happy, and healthy, and my wife makes me love her more with every passing year.

>What are your secrets?