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Qualities to look for in this girl:
A: Abstnence. Ask around casually to people who are acquainted with her. News travels quick around campus so if she fucks around with dudes, you’ll learn. If you can’t find a single anecdote out there about her, then you’re good to go for this quality. She doesn’t need to be a virgin(plenty of good girls have had a BF or two by college) but if you’re hearing a number of stories about her getting smashed every other weekend by some frat bro then you need to steer clear.

B: Temperance: This is a big one. The less she drinks, the better. A sober girl is not only less likely to be the hookup type(her decision making process is always intact) but she will also be less likely to cheat on you when she does go out and you’re not there.
If she starts telling you a bunch of stories about her drinking exploits early on, do what Vincent Ignatius does and avoid her(or, if you’ve decided to follow option 1 and are going along to get along, reduce her to mere casual sex status).

C. Partying: Is she constantly out? Every weekend/party night, every dance party, etc? Or is she the type of girl who is social and goes out occasionally but sometimes will tone it down on even a Saturday night just so she can study or do more tame things instead? The latter is better than the former.

Like I said, these girls aren’t common. But when you do find one, trust me when I say it is worth the effort. Being able to just go steady with a girl and safely ignore all of the debauchery going on that you’re uncomfortable with is a great(and rare) feeling in this day and age.

Doug1 says:
October 20, 2010 at 1:10 pm
I thought that was a remarkably uninformative and fact light peace.
About the only thing it established was that going steady in college and marrying right after graduating has become less common and unfashionable, but even there without any statistics at all. Oh that and Tucker Max saying that yeah a lot of guys in college and law school are like him – again with no numbers or percentages.