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Those are the good ones, IMO.

Other professors use their classes to advocate their own theories/biases. They say stuff like,”School A is how you should think about this stuff. School B is an outmoded, irrelevant theory espoused by dingdongs who are trying to blah blah blah. Explain why School A is correct in a five paragraph essay, due Friday.”

I’ve had classes from both types of teachers in econ and Women’s Studies.

From what you’re saying, I’ll wager that you’re one of the former types – the good ones. The latter type of WS prof was the one who called me a rapist, sexist, and an oppressor. That prof also insured that I will never again risk my GPA by taking a class in that field, as much as it fascinates me. Emphatically not worth it.

Don’t be blinded by your competence – there are some true assholes teaching your discipline, at least at my school.

If you have the time/inclination, could you elaborate on this statement you made?

“I find it interesting that when I teach these areas, the young women tend to find most intriguing the cultural/difference strand of feminism which is the most conservative of the old school feminist schools of thought.”

Thanks for your time.


34Susan Walsh September 20, 2011 at 7:05 pm
Thanks so much for leaving a comment, you’re a brave soul! You are very welcome here. I think that the sex-positive branch of feminism is anathema to many feminists, but it is the most culturally accessible to the public, in that it is featured quite regularly in the media. It’s become conflated with raunch culture, which goes back to the division within feminism around porn. Even today, anti-porn activists like Gail Dines speak out regularly against hookup culture and casual sex. I don’t know if you saw the Forbes article I linked to upthread, How Feminism Became a Joke, but it illustrates quite well, IMO, the way that feminism has gotten caught between a rock and a hard place.

I’m not sure what you mean by the sameness/difference debate – are you referring here to sex differences as a social construct? I strongly believe that there are profound genetic/biological differences between males and females, and the denial of those differences has produced a generation (or two) of masculinized females and feminized males. The effects of this can be seen in the declining enrollment of young men in college, as well as in the declining marriage rate. And of course, the absolute dearth of meaningful cross-sex relationships on college campuses.