131Megaman March 21, 2012 at 10:43 am
“And I’ll be the first to admit that it’s so unusual that many women would look askance at the gesture as a DLV. That’s how screwed up things are right now.”

Sorry, kind of OT. What’s so strange is that neither my friends nor I back in college were expecting sex when asking girls out on dates. We just expected… going on a date! Physical attraction was there, but it was usually someone we noticed in class (sounds so high school). I’d assume guys who actually made the effort to ask girls out weren’t the sexually aggressive types. A DLV would be asking the same girl out again who previously shot you down, not going out on a limb the first time.

Let’s see if these scenarios make sense: 1) Guy asks girl out, sober during the day. Her reaction, this guy’s showing weakness. “A real guy would hit on me while drinking at a party.” 2) Girl shows interest in guy, sober during the day. His reaction, wow she must be desperate for a boyfriend (or something). “I might as well get in her pants, if she’ll let me.” Seems like an inability to communicate romantic intentions?

132M3 March 21, 2012 at 10:47 am
Charm: “She will have to lower her standards though. Sane betas dont want her, but more than a few omegas would fight to the death for her.”

Charm is on fire today. A lower-beta (doormat type) will certainly bite. A greater-beta with an ounce of self-respect would stay far away from a rep like that.

Yep, that was me once upon a midnight dreary..

but i got much better.

Now i don’t rescue strays. I go to the breeder and get the full lineage history and proof of medical.

The last time i took in a stray… it bit me,

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